Arts Integration Project

The Arts Integration Program is part of the Partners in Education program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The Kennedy Center staff assists arts organizations throughout the nation to develop or expand educational partnerships with their local school systems so they can better help all students learn more effectively across the general curriculum through the arts. This program is designed to establish or expand professional development programs in arts integration for all Nevada teachers. Sierra Arts Foundation and Washoe County School District are local partners with the Kennedy Center and offer workshops for teachers in WCSD to integrate art education into their current curriculum. These workshops are 8 to 15-hours in length to equal 1/2 to 1-credit of continuing education through the Nevada Department of Education. Arts integration enhances student engagement and depth of knowledge in core academic subject areas. Arts Integration is a modality that has been shown to work successfully across all socio-economic boundaries, proving that highly engaged students are on the path to graduation.

The Kennedy Center Partner’s in Education, or Arts Integration program, began in 2009 with the mutual goal between Sierra Arts Foundation and Washoe County School District to create and develop arts programs for the education of teachers in order to expand their abilities to integrate the arts into Common Core Curriculum. This partnership helps provide teachers with innovative teaching techniques and tools while building their confidence and enthusiasm while teaching in and about the arts. The Kennedy Center partnership is now in its seventh year, will continue to provide sustained and intensive professional development opportunities for teachers to increase their knowledge of the arts and to learn how to use the arts as a stepping stool for teaching. Representatives from each SAF and WCSD travel to the Kennedy Center annually for extensive training.

The Partners in Education program at the Kennedy Center is based on the belief that the professional development of teachers is an essential component of any effort designed to increase the artistic literacy of young people. The Kennedy Center’s extensive experience with its local professional development program, established in 1976, provides the basis for this national program. As of 2011, 100 Partnership Teams in 46 States and the District of Columbia participate in the program. Each Partnership Team consists of at least two members: a representative of an arts organization and a representative of the upper administration of a neighboring school district.

Sierra Arts is pleased to announce our Arts Integration workshop for Fall 2016. Throughout the year, we will offer professional development workshops in visual arts integration and dance/movement arts integration. Teachers participating in one 8-hour workshop will receive 1/2-credit of continuing education through the Nevada Department of Education.

Movement in the Classroom with Eve Allen

2017 Spring Arts Integration Professional Development Session Dates – TBA


For more information about Arts Integration, please contact Tia Flores, Program Director at or call 775-329-2787

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