Design A Taxi Top

EDAWN (Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada) and the EDAWN Foundation initiated the Diversified Business Marketing Campaign (DBMC) to find ways to educate our 4 million annual visitors on the actual business make-up of the region. The campaign has moved forward with the effort to change out all of the taxi-tops with a business / family friendly message. These messages are now displayed on many of the taxi tops.

The EDAWN Foundation wants to expand the program by engaging the K-12 students, teachers and parents in the effort. To do this the “design a taxi top” campaign was initiated in 2014. This campaign involves elementary, middle and high school students of Washoe County by running a competition that encourages each school to submit a student created taxi-top design. This project can be individual or group developed and will eventually compete with other schools in that category.

1. Each school will determine their entry and submit that taxi top design electronically to EDAWN at no later than November 10, 2016.

2. The submission will include the following:

a. Name of the school

b. The category (elementary, middle or high school)

c. The Principal’s name

d. The Student’s Name

The Foundation, with assistance from community volunteers, will determine the winner for each category, elementary, middle school and high school. A press release will detail the program beginning of January 2017 and a Press conference will be held on January 24th to recognize the winners (top three places in each category) and to provide a $1,000 check to the principal of the winning schools to be used for teacher supplies.

Additionally, the winning designs will be added to taxi-tops and will include the name of the winning school. The taxis will be on display at the Press Conference and the student’s their family, teacher and principle, will be encouraged to attend.

The criteria for the judging will include: – A simple and distinctive message that shows our visitors what the students believe to be the real image of our region, with an emphasis on what we want others to know about our region. – It will contain a minimum number of words so it is easily visible and easy to read on a taxi-top. – The more creative and eye catching the better.

The dimensions of the entry should be 10.5 inches wide by 3 inches high which is scalable to 28 inches wide by 8 inches high for poster board and scalable to the size of a taxi top. A vision of what we can become is an option, a quality of life or business message is encouraged.

Teachers are encouraged to discuss with their students some of the attributes of the region they personally enjoy and then turn the conversation over to engage the students and what they like about our where they live, giving them a few ideas to encourage their creativity.


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